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The Insights Group specializes in understanding the emotional and cultural triggers that inspire groundbreaking creative and can drive engagement with the ever-growing audience of people that want to feel immersed in worlds.

  • Audience ID & Segmentation
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Marketing Framework
  • Campaign Architecture

Worldbuilding: Answering the Engagement Problem

There is an audience engagement problem—from content to marketing, it has become harder than ever to stand out. But the winners in today’s media landscape share some common traits—they are immersive, make people feel excited, and transport audiences to a new place.

Insights @ Wild Card has been studying the growing consumer interest in immersing into imaginary worlds—and ultimately designed a process for developing creative that can get audiences excited and returning back to your universe again and again.

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How Insights @ Wild Card breaks through in today’s oversaturated media environment

Emotional Engagement: Measuring and identifying deeper, more effective audience insights that emotionally move people into worlds

Culture-Focused: Identifying what’s next in the culture influencing audiences—understanding where they want to go and the context our work will live within

Embedded With Creative: Insights is integrated throughout the process — working directly with creative teams for the duration of a project's lifecycle

Eventized Strategy: Delivering campaign and activation strategy that is actionable and directive‚ designed for big impact with audiences