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Blade Runner 2049

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The key to the future is finally unearthed.

Blade Runner 2049 is set thirty years after the original film, leaving a sizable distance in story that needed to be addressed. Our challenge was to bridge this gap and introduce central characters and events to filmgoers in advance of the new film’s theatrical release.


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Nowhere to Run

An anthology of digital shorts set in between the two films. In “Nowhere to Run,” we introduce Sapper Morton (Dave Bautista), an outlaw Nexus 8 that visits a crime-infested LA market to sell his nematodal protein when a heroic decision forces him to compromise his anonymity, leaving him exposed to identification and capture.

A haunting 6-minute prologue short film that explains the evolution of replicant technology and establishes the ruthless antagonist of Blade Runner 2049.

Nexus Dawn

Theatrical Teaser