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Doom Patrol

  • 3AM

The most dysfunctional superhero team is back to kick some ass.


  • Social

We promised fans the biggest, best, most f*cked up season yet. For pre-premiere, we dropped a worldbuilding commercial that featured a 1-800 reservation number, inviting fans to escape their own existential crises at the Codsville Mountain Resort. The number led to audio easter eggs for the season.

Vacay Patrol: Codsville Resort

Throughout the season, we continued to show fans love with “All The F*cks” compilations, “Unhelpful Recaps” and a #WeirdIsSuper series that celebrated all of the weirdness fans love about the show.

Tyme Patrol: Supervillain Montage | Social

Unhelpful Patrol: Eps 1-3 | Social

F*ck Counter: Eps 1-3 | Social

Weird Is Super: Cyborg | Social
Weird Is Super: Rita | Social