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20th Century Fox

The Greatest Showman

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The impossible comes true.


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The Greatest Showman was more than just another musical. This was a passion project seven years in the making that was deeply personal for everyone involved. We needed to find a fun, impactful approach that would tap into those emotions, reach a broad audience, and have people singing the songs before they even stepped into a theater.


We created a campaign to bring audiences into the world of the Greatest Showman by creating content that celebrates the joy and passion of the artists, their individuality, as well as, their vulnerability and innocence. Tapping into both the characters in the film and the artists that brought them to life, we created trailers , TV Spots and an engaging behind the scenes multi-platform series that chronicled the creative minds behind the film and the journey they took.

Theatrical Trailer

Imagination Trailer

Sneak Peek

From Green Light to Red Carpet, this five-episode series released in partnership with Apple gave audiences unprecedented access to the nearly decade-long journey it took to bring The Greatest Showman to the big screen.

Witness the Spectacle - Episode 1

Witness the Spectacle - Episode 2

Witness the Spectacle - Episode 3

Witness the Spectacle - Episode 4

Witness the Spectacle - Episode 5

TV Spot - Stars

TV Spot - Imagination

TV Spot - Triumph

TV Spot - Stars/Believe

TV Spot - Look Out/Believe

TV Spot - Look Out/Dream

TV Spot - Act

TV Spot - Celebrate

TV Spot - Go/This Is Me