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The Handmaid's Tale

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Witness the birth of a revolution.


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After a bold Season 3, how do we further the promise of changing tides and shifting allegiances in Gilead? How do we tap into the revolutionary zeitgeist of today while staying true to the tone of the show?


Using retrospective footage from all four seasons, we created a sense of promise and hope that would follow the explosive finale of Season 3. We built a sense of forward momentum for the characters and storylines while never forgetting the punk attitude and energy that the show is famous for. Using the universal and topical copy message UNITE AND FIGHT, we hooked legacy viewers while catching the eye of new fans who could use a new anthemic show for current times.

Season 4 Teaser

Season 4 Teaser

Super Bowl Spot - “Morning"

Season 3 Trailer


Season 3 | Social Montage