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The Handmaid's Tale S4

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Let freedom rage.


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After a bold Season 3, how do we further the promise of changing tides and shifting allegiances in Gilead? How do we tap into the revolutionary zeitgeist of today while staying true to the tone of the show?


Using retrospective footage from all four seasons, we created a sense of promise and hope that would follow the explosive finale of Season 3. We built a sense of forward momentum for the characters and storylines while never forgetting the punk attitude and energy that the show is famous for. Using the universal and topical copy message UNITE AND FIGHT, we hooked legacy viewers while catching the eye of new fans who could use a new anthemic show for current times.

Season 4 Teaser

Season 4 Teaser


Interactive Map of Gilead

By Season 4, Gilead has taken over the majority of North America. The escape to freedom is even more of a risk than ever before, but one June (Elisabeth Moss) is still willing to take. To remind fans of her arduous path and tease her escape alongside fellow Handmaids, we created the first-ever Twitter interactive map. Users replied to the map of Gilead with a set of coordinates, and received one of thirty custom pieces of creative. Content included character videos that showed individual journeys, worldbuilding Radio Free America audio assets, Gilead definition cards, Season 4 sneak peeks and easter eggs, and talent videos with fun call-outs that directed users back to the map. The map's design and accuracy, which we refined with writers from the show, revealed the growth of Gilead's control, and sparked fan theories and conversation about how the states became divided.

Interactive Map of Gilead | Social

Interactive Map of Gilead | Twitter Activation | Case Study Video

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