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Wild Card

Worldbuilding: The Future of Storytelling

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How do we capture and keep consumer attention?

Worldbuilding: The Future of Storytelling, a three-part series from the Wild Card Insights and Social teams, breaks down everything marketers need to know about engaging today’s complex media consumer.


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Part One: An Engagement Problem

In this episode, we’ll take a look at the key findings from our white paper research, and dive into why the art of creating rich universes might just be the answer to your engagement problem.

Worldbuilding: The Future of Storytelling: Part One

Part Two: An Audience You Didn't Expect

Get to know the audiences who are hungry for worldbuilding content, and discover what keeps them coming back again and again.

Worldbuilding: The Future of Storytelling: Part Two

Part Three: Immersion: What Does It Take?

Learn how to invite worldbuilding consumers into your unique universe, and discover the three key elements content needs in order to keep them immersed.

Worldbuilding: The Future of Storytelling: Part Three

Click here to request the Worldbuilding white paper.

Worldbuilding: Answering the Engagement Problem

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